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August 28, 2014


Our popular Late Summer Night Reception will take place on Wednesday, September 17th. In the article below we give you a sneak preview of the Silent Auction prizes. Close to 60 guest have already registered. If you haven't done so already, please RSVP latest by September 3rd. 

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the young students from Zurich for winning not one but two awards for their full body flight simulator. The awards were presented at the 41st International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, held earlier this month in Vancouver.
Our article on this topic was just published on the website of Switzerland Global Enterprise. You can read more about "Birdly" in this newsletter.   

And for all our members and readers interested in the building industry, we included an interesting article on bamboo as a building material. 

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September 9, 2014: "Der Weiss Code": Free Movie & Reception 

The Consulate General of Switzerland is inviting you to a screening of this Swiss documentary about the inventor of the very first bar code system, Heinrich Weiss.The film director will be present. This is a free event, including a reception.

September 17, 2014: Our Popular Late Summer Night Reception 

Enjoy the spectacular views over Stanley Park and the north shore mountains from our reception venue. Please don't forget to RSVP by September 3rd and please be reminded that we can only accept cash or cheques at our Silent Auction. Items up for bid include an i-pad mini, weekend-stays, 4 Whitecap club seats, limited edition Swiss army knives, several deli-baskets and many more attractive prizes!

Teenagers from Swiss Abroad Met for a Camp in Switzerland  

Every year, the Organization of the Swiss Abroad (OSA), offers sports and language programs for children of Swiss emigrants. A video-report on this year's summer trip in Switzerland.

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Swiss Invention "Birdly" Wins Two Awards at SIGGRAPH 2014

A full-body flight simulator that lets you forget you're not a bird. This cool Swiss invention from the Zurich University of the Arts was a huge attraction at Vancouver's SIGGRAPH 2014 fair in August and was the winner in two categories. 
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"The way the Swiss Franc is now is not accepetable in the mid-term"

Nick Hayek, CEO of the Swatch Group AG, is not the only one complaining about the strong Swiss Franc that weakens the Swiss export industry. 

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Switzerland Wins "Virtuoso Tourism Board of the Year" Award

For the second year in a row, Switzerland Tourism received the award at the annual conference in Las Vegas. Virtuoso is the leading international luxury travel network.

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Swiss Researchers Say Type 1 Diabetes Might be Reversible

A research team from the University of Geneva has discovered that the pancreas is capable of self-healing under certain circumstances.

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University of Geneva Alumnus Received the "Nobel Prize in Math"

Prof. Martin Hairer received his PhD from the University of Geneva in 2001 and now The Fields Medal. Amongst the winners also the first woman ever and a Canadian. 
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How does Tomato-Basil Ice-Cream Sound? Worse than it Tastes

Six food engineer students from Switzerland had been putting in approximately 1000 hours to develop a perfect recipe for a salty "Apéro" ice-cream. Their novelty is intended to add to the variety of appetizer options for receptions. The idea, as well as the taste of their tomato-basil creation convinced so much, that the students won the Swiss Food Trophy for it.

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Who is Switzerland's King of the Guides?

An interesting portrait on an outstanding Swiss mountain guide, to mark the centenary of his death.
Are Future Cities Going to be Built with Bamboo Instead of Steel?

Being three times as strong as steel, bamboo makes a great building material. Researchers of the Singapore ETH-Centre are working on a kind of "green steel" with bamboo, that could be used as building material in urban developing countries ("Future Cities Laboratory" project). 
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Did You Know that Starbucks Uses Swiss Coffee Machines? 

In 1999, a small family-owned Swiss company snatched the exclusive global contract to produce fully automatic coffee machines for the almost 21,000 Starbucks shops there is worldwide. Next year, the contract is up for renewal.

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How Can 51 Swatch Parts be secured by only 1 Single Screw?

Swatch's latest watch, the Sistem51, is made by as few as 51 parts. Even more astonishing that they are all held together by one single screw. 
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Victorinox Collaborats with British Fashion Designer

British Christophe Raeburn got approached by Victorinox in 2010, to design a collection for Victorinox's 125th anniversary. After the huge success, the Swiss army-knife producer hired him as their Creative Director for Victorinox' fashion line.

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Funny: A Visualization of How Some Pet Owners Resemble their Pet

A Swiss photographer combined the portrait shots of several pet owners with a similar style photo of their pet's face. A purr-fect mix that makes you smile. 
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