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March 28, 2017
This is a longer Newsletter filled with links to very interesting articles and events.
I would like to highlight 4 topics covered in this 49th edition:

1. Swiss style avalanche control system in British Columbia. We interviewed our corporate member Wyssen Avalanche Control, a company with deep roots in the Swiss Alps.
Link: Wyssen interview

2. Lindt chocolates for Easter? Contact us to get your membership discount to shop at members-only discount rates on Monday April 3rd and Tuesday April 4th.

3. Insurance services? With a proof of membership to our chamber you can benefit from insurance services offered by the Johnston Group. Contact us for more details.
4. Last but not least, remember to save the date for our AGM on May 4th. Detailed information will be sent out to our members later this week.

Enjoy our 49th Newsletter,  
Sincerely Yours,
Vince Sciamanna
President, Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce 
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April 3 -7, 2017: Marketing Week Vancouver

A week packed with a curated collection of several conferences and events, organized by leaders in the local tech, marketing and digital community. A must and a highlight for any Marketeer.

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Save the Date: May 4, 2017: SCCC AGM

Please mark your calendar for May 4th, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, for our annual chamber AGM luncheon. Detailed information will be sent to all our members about one month prior.

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May 30 - June 1, 2017: Building Lasting Change

Canada Green Building Council's green building conference is known for delivering learning opportunities and for cultivating inspiration and innovation. The focus this year is on 'building actionable solutions to climate change'.

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10 Federal Budget Highlights, Including Graphs

If you would like to get a quick overview of the recently presented federal budget, this article provides you with an easy to read summary of the key points, including helpful graphs.

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OECD's 2017 Economy Forecast for Canada

OECD recently raised the originally expected growth number from 2,1% to 2.4%. The think tank said Canada's economy will be supported by export growth, a better market for commodities and government spending initiatives. However, OECD again raised a red flag about the rapid increase in house prices.

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2017 30 Under 30 Winners in British Columbia

Out of almost 350 nominations the 30 most talented and inspiring young entrepreneurs from fields as varied as healthcare, high-tech, construction, law and social media received an award for their aim to make the world a better place.

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YVR Again Named Best Airport in North America

Skytrax has conducted their annual airport survey over a nine-month period including 230+ airports and has again named Vancouver International Airport as the best airport in North America. It's YVR's eight straight year at the top of the ranking. 

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Vancouver Is Becoming a Recognized Start-Up Ecosystem

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report ranks Vancouver in 15th place worldwide, up three ranks from last year. This is a remarkable result, especially, as Vancouver has the fewest number of start-ups of any of the Top 20 cities.

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Many Swiss Manufacturers Plan to Move Abroad 

Due to the strong Swiss Francs almost 50% of all Swiss manufacturers are planning on moving at least parts of their production abroad within the next three years, according to a survey done by Swissmem in collaboration with the University of St.Gallen.

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2017 Quality of Living Rankings

Mercer has once again released their annual rankings of the global quality of living survey. Which three Swiss cities and which one Canadian city made it into the Top 10? Also, find out which regions/countries are top this year and which cities ranked top when it comes to city infrastructure.

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A Swiss and a Canadian Debating Which Country is Better

Which country is the best in the world? Switzerland? Canada? Read the different arguments and view points written by a Canadian (in English) and a Swiss (in German).

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Interview with our Member Wyssen Avalanche Control

We talked to our member Hans-Juerg Etter, Senior Avalanche Consultant, and GM at Wyssen Canada and Austria, Walter Steinkogler, about the first of its kind remote avalanche control system in North America, the challenges and goals.

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Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan for Your Business

Johnston Group is offering our members a Group Insurance Plan. The plan takes advantage of the membership of Board of Trades and Chamber of Commerces across Canada and can therefore offer some great rates. Any sized business can enjoy group benefits including dental and health insurance. Find out if this may be a benefit for your business.

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March Edition Swiss Review

Have you signed up to receive e-Review yet? Get interesting news about Switzerland right into your inbox. In the March issue read about the new Swissness Act, Swiss minorities in a country of four languages, immigration policy, drones and more.

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Get a 35% Discount on your Next Purchase of Lindt Chocolate

This benefit is only valid for current members of the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The special offer is valid on the first Monday and Tuesday of every month. Open the link below to read all conditions and how to redeem the 35% discount and read the interview with Chris Abel, Manager Field Sales at Lindt, in our blog.

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A Watch That Looks Into the Future

Read which Swiss watch maker unveiled "Connected Modular 45" just recently, a watch at the forefront of the latest technologies available, developed in collaboration with Intel and Google.

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Where Do Most Swiss Nationals Emigrate To?

Just under 775,000 Swiss live abroad, with over 40,000 living in Canada. Where do most Swiss abroad live? Find out which countries are amongst the Top Ten most popular destinations and which reason saw the biggest increase.

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16 Ways Swiss German is Different from German

The Swiss seem to be a big fan of the French language, as many of the Swiss German words used are more French than German. For example, the Swiss are more likely to say 'merci' than 'danke', the German word for thank you. Interested in learning Swiss German online

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