Business Enhanced Members


  • Being a member of the SCCC not only got me reconnected to Swiss culture, but also introduced me to some pretty awesome fellow Swiss people and work opportunities!

  • The Swiss German Chamber of Commerce is a good friend to both their members and those who aren’t. They publish a professionally designed online newsletter that is chock full of events, member promotions and Swiss news and also have a website that is filled with member discounts and useful links like job postings and a photo gallery. I can only agree with Thomas and Diana Arn that they are a “very dynamic and well run organization comprising of many diverse talents from many different sectors.” I always enjoy attending their events and any events we plan in cooperation with the German Canadian Business Association (GCBA) and would invite you to check out their membership benefits.

  • I joined the SCCC in December 2019 and it immediately created for me a great business community as well as friendships. I was honored to be part of a panel discussion for women in business, which created a wonderful opportunity to get our boutique hair salon a voice as well me as a business woman. Covid brought lots of changes but the SCCC kept virtually in touch and created more opportunities, thank you for that.

    I am very excited to be part of this community!