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When you enter the store Matterhorn Music you see instruments and little tools as far as the eye can see. Right in the middle, David Gsponer is focused on repairing an instrument. “There are not many people around here anymore who are repairing instruments.”
We talked with our newest member David Gsponer about his passion and how he built up his unusual business in British Columbia.

What is your business here in British Columbia?

I run a music store in Surrey that is specialized in woodwind and brass repairs and also some guitars.

From where does your passion for musical instruments come from?

I have been involved in music since a young age – my dad was playing in the village band and I went along to rehearsals and festivals. My dad recommended me to become an Instrumentenmacher/reparateur (building and repairing Instruments for a living).

How did you build up your business/network in BC?

I worked for Northwest Music for almost ten years – five of them as the shop manager. I also played in some bands here for example the Pacific Symphonic Windensemble PSWE, Cambie Street Brass and the Vancouver Dorfmusik. Through that I met many band teachers and musicians. That helped me in getting new customers.

What were the biggest challenges when starting your own business in BC?

The biggest challenge is to stay afloat, for the first seven years all the money I made went back into my business, not much was left for my own wage. Finding good people is also very difficult.

What are the biggest opportunities for a business like yours in BC?

One of the biggest opportunities here is that you’re meeting new people all the time.

What is the next big thing for you and your business?

I am trying to grow enough to give lessons out of my store.

What is always in your suitcase when you come back from Switzerland?

Walliser Roggenbrot and Fendant.


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The SCCC would like to thank our newest member David Gsponer for his time and effort spent for this interview.

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