Annual Schützenfest at the Swiss Mountain Range

On October 7/8, the Swiss Canadian Mountain Range Association is celebrating their annual Schützenfest at their chalet. A great opportunity to meet other Swiss people and to participate in some shooting competitions.

What is the highlight of the Schützenfest 2017?

The highlight of the event will be the “Absenden” on Sunday after the dinner which is the Medal Presentation and score announcements.

We will have visitors from Edmonton, Calgary and Los Angeles that will be joining us and hopefully many others from nearby areas. This is always a great opportunity to meet fellow Swiss and socialize with them. Maybe even do a “Jass” with them. If we are lucky, we may even see a bear or a deer.

There will be lunches and dinners available (12 noon – 1PM on both days and dinner starting usually around 6PM).

Who can participate in the competitions and shoot different rifles?

Anybody can participate in all the disciplines or select only the ones you would like to do.

What are the disciplines that people can participate in?

The choices are: 300m Rifle (Fullbore), 50m Rifle & Pistol .22 Caliber, 50m Pistol 9mm Caliber, Crossbow and Trap Shooting.

One thing that Swiss people abroad miss the most is their food – will there be some Swiss food at the Schützenfest?

Our menus are created by the volunteers that are willing to help and sacrifice their time for these events. For that reason, we do not know what kind of food will be served. But it is always good and wholesome. We will have some Swiss style “Weihe” for dessert available this year!

What are other upcoming events of the SCMRA?

  • September 24th: There will be an Open House Day from 1-4PM. This will be an introduction to our club and facilities where people can try a few shoots on all the ranges. View our club and get information on how we conduct our shooting season. Answers to any questions you may have. The purpose of this day is to let Swiss people know, young and old, that we exist and what we do.
  • October 22nd: We will have a “Saushoot”, which is a “members only” event. At the dinner event, the so-called “Metzgete”, we will be joined by the outdoors club. We would be happy to entertain other Swiss that may appreciate a “Blut- oder Leberwurst” (Blood or Liver Sausage).
  • October 29th: “Jass” Tournament. Good way to hone your Swiss style card playing.
  • December 3rd: Santa Claus Party (bring up the kids to meet Santa) only if we have enough participation.

The Schützenfest will be held on Saturday Oct 7th and Sunday Oct 8th from 10am – 12 (Noon) & 1pm – 4pm. The chalet of the Swiss Mountain Range Association is located at 4141 Quarry Road, Coquitlam BC.


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The SCCC would like to thank our member Alain Muhlebach for his time and effort spent for this article.

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