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Diction Ltd is a translation agency with offices in Switzerland and Canada and a member of the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Their services include editing, proofreading, translation, and copywriting in almost every language. We had the chance to talk with Patrick Fassbender, CEO of Diction, about the advantages of having an office in Vancouver and the next big thing for Diction.



Diction is a translation agency with offices in Switzerland and Canada, why did you chose Vancouver and how did you build up your network in this industry in Vancouver?

In 2014, Diction was looking for a way to ensure and expand the 24-hour service it offers its Swiss client base. Vancouver came to mind fairly quickly. We then decided to look at the business environment in Vancouver and found a great partner in the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce. They were instrumental in helping us set up a network to build up our Vancouver branch. Today, we have seven employees and a great network of external experts in the area who allow us to serve our Swiss clients 24/7/365.

You have two offices in Switzerland and one in Vancouver, do you have a different strategic focus here in Vancouver than the offices in Switzerland?

All three offices serve our client base, which is primarily Swiss. As a company specializing in language services, we focus on the following strategic fields: marketing, finance, and legal.

What are the biggest opportunities in BC for a business like Diction?

Currently, we do not actively offer our services to clients in British Columbia. As previously stated, at the moment we are concentrating our business activities on the Swiss market.

What are the biggest challenges in BC for a business like Diction?

The biggest challenge is to find the right employees that satisfy the requirements of our Swiss clients in terms of language skills.

What is the next big thing for Diction?

The next big thing for Diction is the roll-out of our enterprise resource planning system, which we developed in-house, in spring 2018.


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