Fondue Night at the Swiss Mountain Range

When Swiss people abroad meet for a Fondue Night, you certainly need one thing: a lot of cheese. This year more than 80 people found their way to the Swiss Chalet in Coquitlam to celebrate the third annual Fondue Night of the Swiss Chamber and the Swiss Mountain Range.

It’s always an adventurous trip to go to the Swiss chalet in Coquitlam but the beautiful location is worth the drive. The gorgeous chalet is creating a sense of home for every Swiss expat. This year visitors from all over the province joined the event – members of the Swiss Chamber and the Swiss Mountain Range, visitors from Victoria and Vernon and the Consul General of Switzerland with his family.



Highlight of the evening was definitely the cheese fondue – 15 pots with melted cheese were distributed over 12 tables. Some guests tried their very first cheese fondue, for others it has been a winter tradition for years. Many tables fought over the last piece of cheese, the slightly burned one at the bottom of the fondue pot. In Switzerland, this piece of cheese is a real delicacy.

After the cheese fondue, the Swiss Chamber challenged the knowledge of the guests – it was trivia time. 11 questions about Canada and Switzerland caused a lot of discussions – or did you know that the trail on Grouse Mountain has 2830 steps? In the end, the winner wasn’t a surprise, someone who knows his business – none other than the Consul General of Switzerland. He answered 10 out of 11 questions correct and won two tickets to the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

To round off the evening, everyone was enjoying the fruit dessert, coffee and original Swiss Schnaps that the Mountain Range was offering.



The Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce would like to thank everyone who joined this fantastic evening. The event was a great success thanks to the outstanding volunteer work of the staff in the kitchen and behind the bar.

If you are interested in learning more about the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce and their events, you will find more information here.

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