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Our newest business member is MoJo Marketing, a local marketing company run by Daniel Joehl and Nurtaj Mostofa. Some of you might already know Daniel Joehl, he has been with the chamber for years. Today he talks with us about his new company, how they found their niche in Vancouver and why British Columbia is the perfect place for a company like MoJo Marketing.

Who stand behind the company MoJo Marketing?

Confounders and to-be-married Daniel Joehl and Nurtaj Mostofa! They met at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver where they both completed their degrees in Economics. Combined, the team has over 13 years of marketing and web development experience.


The competition in the marketing industry is quite high, how did you build up your network in this industry?

We built up our network initially through reaching out to colleagues who were business owners. Although many marketing firms do exist, we found a niche for flexible and affordable marketing specifically for small business, professionals and startups. We also differentiate ourselves by building a solid relationship with our clients from the beginning, we always start with a free initial consultation to make sure we are a good fit for each other, and partner with our clients through our on-demand marketing approach, they get to decide what project to spend their hourly marketing time on, and we give them a 14-day money back guarantee. Its the perfect solution, it allows us to do what we are passionate about while passing on great savings to our clients.


What are the biggest opportunities in BC for a business like MoJo Marketing?

The biggest opportunities in BC for MoJo Marketing lies in the sectors of industry such as Health and Tourism, where clinics for chiropractors, orthodontists, wellness clinics, tour companies, or wineries can benefit from our on-demand marketing approach. BC has some of the best small business tax rates in Canada so there is a strong incentive for owner-operated business to open up here which means many ideal clients MoJo Marketing

What are the biggest challenges for a business like MoJo Marketing?

Getting our name out there! We are a young company, and like so many others before us we are trying to establish a reputation and brand behind our work.

What is the next big thing for MoJo Marketing?

We are about to start a couple marketing projects with companies in the food and beverage industry specifically coffee and wine. We enjoy working with people and products, and really connecting with a brand.

What is always in your suitcase when you come back from Switzerland?

Cuban milk chocolate from Sprungli and Basler Laecherli


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The SCCC would like to thank our member Daniel Joehl for his time and effort spent for this article.


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