Carbon Capture Has Monumental Potential to Feed the World

& Makes Your Lawn Look Great Too

Greenfield Fertilizer Corp (GFC), a Swiss owned Edmonton, AB based specialty fertilizer company is expanding their leader position in innovative CO2 fertilization.

GFC is the first and only company in Canada to have received CFIA approval for its new and refined CO2 open field fertilizer products.

CropPlus is the first CO2 fertilizer approved for farm field application in Canada. CropPlus is an all-natural (yes, also for organic production!) product that provides technology enabled direct injection of CO2 into plants on a cellular level.

GFC Product Highlights:

  • Works on Any Plant; Farming, Forestry, Horticulture, Turf, Home and Garden and more
  • Greatly improved Nutrient Uptake which results in 15% to 25% yield increase
  • Hugely improved Drought Tolerance – water reduction by up to 50%
  • Much improved Frost Tolerance
  • 100% natural promoting a truly sustainable solution for growers

Greenfield CEO Nick Siegenthaler proudly says: “We are the first and only recognized CO2 Fertilizer Company in Canada. We continues to aggressively pursue product innovation and product research right here in Alberta for a national but increasingly also for an international market.”

GFC is developing new processes to involve active Carbon Capture as a key step in a unique value proposition that will bring product manufacturing and jobs to Alberta.

“We plan to start building a pilot plant here in Edmonton demonstrating this new technology. Greenfield Fertilizer Corp is Ag Innovation in its purest form.”, says Siegenthaler

GFC has grown its position as the leader in CO2 fertilizer technology by ferociously pursuing research and development in the field of CO2 fertilization in collaboration with regional, provincial and national research partners including the University of Alberta. Greenfield advances a new production process that will revolutionize the production and further enhance product quality and product characteristics.

“We are expanding our product line continuously with new products hitting the stores annually. From our beginnings of solely supplying products to farmers across the Prairies we now have products for Turf/Lawns, Horticulture, Home & Garden and our newest product, specifically developed for Cannabis, offering the well-known benefits to this new and exciting industry.

As we are growing as a company, we continue to look for retail and distribution partners here in Canada and internationally”

GFC is now on its way to becoming a key player in developing, manufacturing and supplying sustainable products to agricultural, forest, turf, horticulture industry and home growers in the Canadian market and beyond. Greenfield Fertilizer Corp is expanding export markets with partners in many markets around the world, including Switzerland, Turkey, Australia and many more. GFC is the up and coming innovative Swiss/Canadian Fertilizer Company that is set to conquer agricultural markets around the globe, one field at a time.

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