2019 Fondue Night

Once again, the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce together with the Swiss Canadian Mountain Range Association gathered at the cozy chalet in Coquitlam for a traditional evening with a lot of Swiss Fondue. More than 80 people found their way to the event and enjoyed a wonderful time with delicious food beside a warming fire place.

A Swiss Pride – traditional Cow-Bells
The famous Chalet

On Saturday evening, members, families and friends of the Swiss Canadian Chamber and the Swiss Mountain Range arrived at the homey Swiss oasis. Excited for the traditional annual fondue they used the time to chat with friends and connect with new members. We were especially happy about the attendance from the German Canadian Business Association, the Consulate General of Switzerland and all our new members.

The German Gang enjoying the Swiss culture
Oliver and Jacqueline talking about God and the World

Then, the time has finally arrived and the Fondue was served. Some groups were so passionate about the cheese, they even set their Fondue pot on fire. But after a brave rescue mission from the Mountain Range, the fire was defeated and the cheese-joy continued.

Two experts carrying out the art of stirring cheese!
The anticipation of the cheese

With all bellies filled with cheese it was time for the well known trivia. In small groups the guest were tested about their knowledge about Switzerland, Canada and the 2 participating organizations. Popular were the questions about our members. It turned out that Fabian Lemann is rather an athlete than a member of the Swiss Nintendo League. The winning group won Swiss chocolates and a scarf from the Swiss Natioinal Ice Hockey Team signed by Sven Baertschi, Roman Josi and Yannick Weber.

The source of coziness

The Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce would like to thank everyone who joined this fantastic evening. The event was a great success thanks to the outstanding volunteer work of the staff in the kitchen and behind the bar. We can’t wait to the next edition of our Fondue Night in 2020 and hope to see you soon.

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