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Earlier this year, Swisspro Marketing became a business member of the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The family business has since their first contact to the chamber been a very active member and is already well known in our community. We had the opportunity to talk to Daniel, founder of Swisspro Marketing, and learn about their history, strong Swiss connection and challenges and opportunities in their daily business life.


Tell us about your business, what do you exactly do?

We are in the promotional marketing industry, we provide service of screen printing, embroidery, hot stamping custom logos on a variety of products such as pens, T-Shirts, Polos, Drinkwear etc.

We have a diverse customer base. Some of our main customers are from the construction, trucking and manufacturing industries. In addition, we sell to sports teams, tourism and the service industry.

Daniel, Michela, Leslie and Sam

Why did you decide to establish a life in Canada and start such a company?

My wife is from Vancouver and we decided to raise our two children and establish our life in Canada. My background is in printing and graphics but have been in sales for the last 30 years. My experience in printing and sales in the promotional industry for the last 20 years lead us to start our own company.


How did you build up your network in the industry?

We built our customer base through good old fashioned cold calling. We service customers in BC, Alberta and Winnipeg. Referrals and networking also contribute a big part of our growth.


How does the Canadian market looks like, are there different opportunities in certain provinces?

Every Province is unique and has different markets. Most of our clients in Alberta are in the gas and oil industry. Customers in Manitoba are mostly manufacturing and trucking related.

BC is still the best place to be in Canada, we spent a little over a year in Toronto but soon after we decided to move back to BC. We love to ski and we love the ocean and lakes in the summer.


What are the biggest challenges for your business?

We would like to introduce more products “Made in Switzerland” and Europe. Logistics and price can be a big challenge. The Challenge importing from Europe is having to convert a strong Swiss and Euro currency to Canadian dollars to start with. Plus adding the shipping cost, makes most items very costly.


What is always in your suitcase when you come back from Switzerland?

Too many things  to list, but definitely Zweifel Paprika Chips, Minor Chocolates and some good Williams.


Thank you Daniel for taking the time, we appreciate your insights very much.

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