Dive into the world of visual effects

On October 23, 2019 the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) organized together with the ETH-EPFL Alumni a unique event at the award-winning visual effects and animation studio Image Engine. Guests had the opportunity to watch behind the scenes of blockbuster movies and television shows and got interesting insights from four creative and passionate film industry professionals that happen to have Swiss roots.

After a brief welcome by Fabian Lemann (SCCC Director), Patrick Schilling (President ETH-EPFL Alumni) and Pascal Chappuis (Head of Technical Production at Image Engine) our guests dived into the epic world of visual effects. Sitting in a movie theatre the members and friends of the SCCC enjoyed an overview of Image Engine`s extraordinary work portfolio which features a broad range of films and television series like Chappie, Jurassic World, Lost in Space, Game of Thrones, Pokémon Detective Pikachu and many more.

Pascal Chappuis gave our guests a better understanding on how Image Engine pushes boundaries to create stunning visual effects that generate real movie magic in post-production. It became quickly clear why Image Engine has won several awards like the Emmy Award in 2019 for their outstanding visual effects work in the lead dragon animation in the final season of Game of Thrones.

Enriching roundtable at the Image Engine studio

The following round table discussion with Pascal Chappuis, Mischa Kolbe (Creature Lead at DNEG), Clementine Lo (Senior FX Artist at Digital Domain) and Josias Tschanz (Film Director and Producer) delved into BC`s visual effects and film industry and covered also Switzerland’s role. The deep knowledges, passions and journeys of every guest speaker were impressive and they gave our audience enriching insights about their field of experience.

Our four guest speakers Pascal Chappuis, Mischa Kolbe, Clementine Lo and Josias Tschanz


The remarkable evening ended with a rich apero where the members and friends of the SCCC got the opportunity to network and continue chatting with our guest speakers.


We would like to thank you all for attending this event and supporting the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce. A special thanks goes to our four guest speakers for their time and dedication and Image Engine for hosting us in their facilities.

  Did you know?

  • In the years 2017-2018 there were over 450 productions in Vancouver which generated over 3.4 billion for the BC economy
  • This number led to over 60’000 jobs for local employees
  • There are in total 3.4 million sq.ft. studio space in Vancouver (including the new addition of the Martini studio in Langley)  which makes it the biggest in Canada and possibly North America
  • Other studio facilities in Vancouver are the Canadian Motion Picture Park, Bridge Studios, the Vancouver Film School, North Shore and Mammoth

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