Beanstock Festival 2019 (Vancouver, BC) where coffee enthusiasts meet Espresso machines

Over the weekend November 02/03, coffee lovers in Vancouver gathered together at the Beanstock Festival, happening at the Performance Work on Granville Island. Around 30 micro-roasters from Canada served hand-made coffees that allowed visitors to enjoy unlimited coffee cupping, learn more about the coffee industry, collect free bean samples for home brewing and try out different coffee & espresso equipment. Our business member Quality Coffee Systems (QCS) was one of the main sponsor for the Beansstock Festival 2019 in Vancouver and invited visitors to try out high quality coffee equipment, as well as make their own shots of espresso.

The Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce had an opportunity to visit the Beanstock Festival. Melanie from the SCCC could talk to Fabian Lemann, QCS – Director, Sales & Marketing and representative for QCS for the two days.

Fabian, why did QCS decide to sponsor the Beanstock Festival 2019 in Vancouver?

QCS is one of the leading Espresso equipment representatives within Canada. In the Super Automatic espresso world, we have with Schaerer (SUI) & WMF (GER) the two market leading brands worldwide in our portfolio.  With JURA (SUI) machines, we are well positioned in the home and office market.

But with CONTI (FRA / Monte Carlo), our traditional – semi & full automatic – espresso machines, we are still building up acknowledge of the brand and market share within the North American market. Smaller, local shows are perfect to reach out to a coffee enthusiastic crowed and get them to know the equipment and brand.

QCS also is a strong believer of supporting the local coffee community, including the craft and micro roasters. This gives a great variety and is beneficial for everyone, especially the coffee lovers.


How did you set up your booth in between 30 micro-roasters?

As a main sponsor, we got the chance to setup one commercial CONTI espresso machine on the stage – called the coffee bar, as well as a second unit at our booth. For the bar we picked the CONTI lever unit called the ‘Sixty’. A machine look alike in the 1960th. Everyone could poor their own espresso shot which attracts a lot of visitors.

At our booth, we had a second CONTI Espresso machine and some residential JURA, Olympia and Profitec Espresso machines.

What opportunities offer events like Beanstock for QCS?

We get first hand feedback from roasters, coffee shop owners and coffee folks about our equipment. We also get a change to network with people from the industry, and of course have roasters testing their bean blends on our equipment. It is also a chance for QCS, to get awareness of less well known brands in North America like CONTI and Olympia Espresso.

And last but not least, having a great platform to exchange yourself with the coffee industry.
Don’t forget, after water – coffee is the most drunk beverage in the world!


What was your personal highlight at this weekend?

Welcoming Melanie from the chamber at our booth!
Furthermore, it was to see the huge interest Beanstock Vancouver 2019 generates. As more the industry gives people the opportunity to attend such events, as better.


How much coffee did you drink during the festival?

Quite a bit…. Didn’t count but to get a perfect shots with every bean batch, you have to taste quite a lot already. Good thing is, an espresso shot has less caffeine than a drip coffee.


We would like to thank Quality Coffee Systems and Fabian Lemann for their time and inviting the SCCC to the Beanstock Festival.


Quality Coffee Systems – Where the prove is in the cup

Quality Coffee Systems is an expert for coffee and juice solutions based out of Burnaby, BC., in business since 1998. QCS represents Swiss made espresso machines like Jura and Schaerer but also European brands such as Conti, WMF, Olympia and Profitc, as well as ZUaMEX for juice solutions. QCS is also the general importer for Chicco d’Oro coffee beans.

Read more about them on our previous blog post or visit their website

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