Cheers to a great start!

Since the first event in Vancouver in August, we had 4 months of brewing some great ideas, with 8 main events in 4 different cities, and two countries! And there is more to come in 2020.

During a pub night in August 2019 some friends were discussing the importance of spreading and developing great ideas in order to transform them into services, products, or projects. PINTS N’ PITCHES (PNP) was born that night, as a platform to provide a safe space to pitch ideas and get feedback prior to jumping into things head first. A place to help entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs share, articulate, and clarify their business ideas.

Since the launch of PINTS N’ PITCHES in August, eight main events have been successfully carried out in four different cities in two countries: Vancouver and Abbotsford in Canada as well as Sion and Martigny in Switzerland. The SCCC has been co-hosting the event series in Vancouver where over 30 innovative and open-minded people have been attending to brew their ideas.

We talked to Johann Roduit, SCCC Director & founder of PINTS N’ PITCHES.

Johann, how have you experienced the PNP journey so far?
I love the ongoing process of exploring potential business ideas. We never had “grand vision” for it, we started it and wanted to see where things were going. It is still very flexible and evolutive. I am also thrilled to have seen great support from the community in Vancouver and other places. I think that bringing innovators and like-minded people around a table, with a beer, is a great formula to open a lot of new opportunities. 

What makes PNP different from other pitch-events?
A journalist wrote about our event lately, saying that: Pints n’ Pitches is “kind of like Dragon’s Den but without the pressure and plenty of beer” (The Abbotsford News). I think that sentence really captures and summarizes the spirit of our initiative. The relaxed atmosphere makes a huge difference. There are a lot of incredible ideas out there that need a specific platform to be shared. That’s what we are trying to offer. In addition, we are at the ideation process, so it makes us unique, because a lot of pitch events have to be more formal and would come after the ideation process. In short “cool ideas + beers + innovative minds = Pints n’ Pitches ” is a winning formula! 

What is planned for 2020?
We have already scheduled events in Abbotsford and Vancouver, Canada, and in Sierre, Switzerland, where we have partnered with business students from the Team Academy of the Applied Science University. It’s a young and energetic team studying for a bachelor’s degree in business. Check our next events. 

We are also in discussion with sponsors and partners to have some events in front of a jury (with prize money), once the pitches have been perfected. If you know key stakeholders that might be interested in your area, don’t hesitate to contact us. 


“The philosophy and event venue is great for young entrepreneurs to present and discuss ideas in a non-formal way. People enjoy the pints but its clearly not the main reason to attend. By attending PNP I can connect and learn from professionals in different industries, even though I have no business idea at this point, I can definitely recommend PNP: Cool people, interesting presentations, great networking  tasty beers! If you have a business idea with PNP you will get different opinions and valuable early feedback from specialists.”

– Marco Urfer, SCCC member and PNP participant 

“I like the idea, of having an opportunity to get pitches done in front of a smaller audience. This gives both side a change to learn, discuss and to get to the next level. Meeting people with entre-preneurship in the DNA is great and gives me a chance to network with interesting people. Adding investors would be a great benefit. I would recommend PNP to people who are interested in new ideas or planing to start an own business. I belief you can always learn and also make new long lasting relationships through networking-business events.”

– Fabian Lemann, SCCC director and PNP participant

“I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of PNP. The atmosphere was very friendly, welcoming, and engaging. Everyone was encouraging, and each came to learn and ultimately support. The room was filled with people that understand the business landmark, with an abundance of wisdom to provide feedback that will ultimately propel ideas forward.  I appreciated not only the opportunity but having everyone’s full undivided attention, which fostered an amazing discussion. I personally appreciated how everyone was totally engaged and incredibly hospitable to learn and welcome new ideas, and new connections. I promise this to new presenters; the questions and constructive feedbacks awaiting you at the end of your presentation from the members WILL move your ideas/business forward. I know this from personal experience!” – Jean-Paul Kamand, pitch presenter at PNP


PINTS N’ PITCHES is growing, and you can be part of this story:

Pitch your ideas
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to pitch your latest ideas 

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