The Whitecaps FC kicking off the 2020 MLS season with a new look

Soccer has returned to the Village. On Saturday, February 29 our business member, the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, kicked off the new MLS season against Sporting Kansas FC.

Even though the home opener ended with a 3-1 loss, the fans didn’t disappoint in cheering and welcoming back the ‘Caps to a sold out B.C. Place. Especially in the new General Admission section “The Village Stand”, passionate supporters were standing and singing during the whole game filling the stadium with a vibrant atmosphere.

The new heart of the Whitecaps fans: the new Village Stand, comprising all of Section 254 & half 253

The Whitecaps started the season not only with a lot of new players but also with a new look where they show their strong connection to the city. The new “The Wave” jersey reflects Vancouver’s nature and surroundings and even has the city’s motto “By Sea Land and Air We Prosper” inscribed on the nape of the neck.

Whitecaps 2020 MLS jersey, displaying Vancouver’s characteristics (credit Vancouver Whitecaps)

At the home opener, Melanie from the SCCC was one of the 22,120 guests in the stadium. Before the kickoff, she talked to Adrien Laflèche, Account Executive at the Whitecaps FC, to get an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of the ‘Caps Sales Team.

Adrien, tell us about your role as Account Executive at the Whitecaps FC?
I am mainly in charge of group experiences. My main mission is to organize outings for companies/organizations and make sure they have a memorable experience at the stadium. Also, we host their clients to make sure they can grow their business. On most game days you will find me at a booth located in front of Gate E to promote group and hospitality experiences to the fans and provide information.

How did you end up working for the ‘Caps?
After finishing my master’s degree in sport management, I wanted to work in the sports industry. Vancouver has three sport teams and since I have always been a soccer lover, I decided to take my chance with this club. My first contact with the Whitecaps was through a volunteering position which helped me later to start as Sales and Service Representative at the club. After a year, I got promoted to Account Executive which I have been doing for two years now.

What are the biggest challenges in your job?
At my job it is crucial to always connect with different prospects/clients along the season. This means that one of my duties is to reach out to as many people as possible and to ensure that they have a great experience on game day.

How did the Sales team prepare for the new season?
We have been preparing the new season since September 2019. At the beginning we offered a discount of 12% on season tickets for 12 days. This is usually the best time of the year to get season seats. We also give priority to our group leaders before the public. It gives them a better price on tickets and better seats.

How was the vibe in your office the last couple of weeks right before the season start?
We were very excited for the season start! The last couple of weeks before the home opener have been very busy, but day after day you could feel the excitement in the office grow. We even installed a brand new tv with a countdown to the home opener.

Adrien Laflèche at the Group experience booth at B.C. Place

Will you be able to fully enjoy today’s game, or do you have any work duties that you have to fulfill?
We have some duties on game day at the stadium: we provide information to our fans, receive feedback from them and visit our customers. I usually watch the highlights at home after the game.

What is your forecast for the Whitecaps in the 2020 MLS season?
I have a good feeling about this season. We had new signings, a new sporting director and it is the 2nd season for our coach Marc Dos Santos. Overall, I expect a better season that shows what we are capable on and off the pitch making sure we keep providing the best sports experience in Vancouver.




Thank you Adrien for taking the time to talk to us!


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