Sweeten up your isolation with traditional Swiss made vegan chocolate

Our new member Schoccolatta Chocolates brings the traditional Swiss chocolate making to Vancouver. And as a member you can get 10% off! All products are made using certified organic and ethically sourced ingredients. All natural, vegan, no additives and sweetened only with coconut blossom sugar. 

For her business name Monika Wacker combined all four Swiss languages. The result is a harmonious name (just like we handle out language diversity in Switzerland. Credit: Schoccolatta Chocolates

Monika Wacker, CEO of Schoccolatte Chocolates, founded her chocolate business with the goal to create vegan chocolate that tastes like real Swiss chocolate and appeals not only to vegans but all customers.

SCCC-Admin, Melanie Ferreira, had the chance to talk to Monika Wacker and to try her vegan chocolate products.

Vegan chocolate bar by Schoccolatta. Credit: Schoccolatta

Monika, how does a typical day as CEO of a chocolate business looks like?
It starts with checking on orders, answering emails and doing administration work. Not something I look forward to! Then it is off to fulfill the orders and deliver them. The absolute best part is working on new recipes or special orders from customers. I love the creative process of this, it is the highlight of my day. Being a vegan chocolate brand, it is always interesting to ‘translate’ traditional chocolate and truffle recipes into delicious vegan ones.

Why did you decide to establish a life in Canada and start a chocolate business?
I started Schoccolatta back in Switzerland, in 2015. Vancouver has been my dream destination for decades. I decided to come here because I saw the strongest growth potential here, as Vancouver is one of the hot spots of vegan food.

You have a business and accounting background. What inspired you to switch industries and focus on vegan chocolate?
I always loved cooking, baking and exploring new foods. In 2013, I switched to a raw vegan diet. As I love chocolate, I tried all available brands and did not like the quality or taste of them. So, I started out myself, training for a full year with a world-renowned raw chocolatier from the UK. My goal was to make the best raw vegan chocolate possible. Never did I dream of making a business out of it. But that is exactly what happened.

How did you build up your network in the industry?
Mostly by word of mouth at the Farmers Market and Christmas Market. In the last few months, there have been reviews from food bloggers who recommended my chocolate. I also use Instagram as my main social platform. Feedinggrowth is a wonderful group of local food processors. They helped me a lot, as well as Spring Activator, where I did my Visa Startup Program in 2018.

Choose from different flavours and try the vegan milk chocolate (right picture). Credits: Melanie Ferreira / SCCC

What are the biggest challenges for your business?
To do almost everything by myself. I do have a wonderful designer, this helps. Marketing is one of my main challenges. I think I have a really special product in my vegan milk chocolate – I have had so many enthusiastic reviews since I introduced it – yet how to reach a wider audience is something I would love to get help with, as I am not a salesperson or marketer myself.

What is always in your suitcase when you come back from Switzerland?
I have not yet been back to Switzerland since I came here ?. What I would bring is vegan cheese from a brand in Switzerland. They make the absolute best vegan cheese I know of!


Thank you Monika for taking the time to give us some interesting insights!

If you want to learn more about Schoccolatta Chocolates and order delicious vegan chocolate please visit: www.schoccolatta.com


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Just use the code “Chamber2020” during the checkout process.

Free delivery in Vancouver and the North Shore (Zip codes V5 to V7)!


Looking for a fun activity after the isolation?
Schoccolatta Chocolates also offers workshops and chocolate tasting

Learn how to make chocolate with Monika. Credit: Schoccolatta