Our first virtual AGM

The circumstances of this years’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) were unique for all of us. With Covid-19 happening it was not possible to meet in person for the AGM 2020. However, the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) saw this as a new opportunity and hold on May 27, 2020 its first virtual AGM. Spoiler alert – it was a big success!

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced organizations  in almost every industry to rethink strategies and business models. Digital Transformation has been the core driver of any organizational change which also applied to the Chamber. The SCCC is always considering what is best for the health and safety of our members and the communities while still offering benefits and support to our members.

The board room was empty for the AGM 2020

Therefore, the Board of Directors was very pleased to put some extra work into the preparation of a virtual AGM on the platform MS Teams to still stay connected to our members.

28 members successfully managed to participate at our virtual AGM. This new way of communication even allowed us to have two participants from Edmonton, Alberta as well as one Non-Resident member from Switzerland.

In case you missed the meeting, please check out the President’s Report 2019 / 2020 where you will find all our activities and involvements in the previous year.

Thank you for 9 years Vince Sciamanna!

This AGM was not only the first virtual but also the official last AGM for Vince Sciamanna as SCCC President. After 9 years full of dedication and commitment towards the SCCC Board, Vince decided to step down as President, but will remain one more year on the board as Director. After the official part of the AGM the Board of Directors prepared some slides to honor Vince’s fantastic work as SCCC President and ended the video call with a little surprise. Have a look at the slides dedicated to Vince: Thank you Vince!

Vince Sciamanna with a personalized book full of notes of appreciations from the SCCC community


Congrats to our new President Fabian Lemann!

We lose a great President but we gain an equally great successor! We are very happy to announce that our longtime Director, Fabian Lemann, will be appointed as the new SCCC President – congrats!


Two new Directors

We are delighted to also announce that Fabia Leoni and Oliver Jarzyna joined our Board of Directors, bringing in new ideas, perspectives and passion. 

Learn more about the whole 2020 / 2021 Board of Directors here.


Thank you for participating at our first virtual AGM and thank you Melanie Ferreira for putting together this online event and the presentation.


We look forward to a bright future with a strong Board of Directors to continue building business and networking opportunities for our members between Switzerland and Western Canada.




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