Arts x Entrepreneurship in the midst of Covid-19

The art industry has been one of the most affected by the current global crisis. The Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce hosted a webinar with two guest speakers that shared with us how they navigate the crisis and what creative initiatives they have put in place in order to keep on bringing arts to the public.

We have seen a lot of different initiatives worldwide to keep on creating and promoting cultural events and artistic expressions. But like most other human endeavors, in order to have lasting impact, there is a need to find new ways of being economically sustainable well. We had the pleasure to have an online conversation with Jennifer Trithardt-Tufts, Executive Director at Abbotsford Arts Council, and Pascal Viglino, Musician and Founder of dans l’Jardin, 


Abbotsford Arts Council

The Abbotsford Arts Council acts as a resource for local artists while promoting the vision, creativity, and energy of the community through the arts.  They offer the Kariton Art Gallery and Boutique as a space where local artists can showcase their art. In addition, the Abbotsford Arts Council also organizes a number of events to promote artists such as the Coffee House Concert Series and Concert in the Park Series, and also collaborates on yearly projects such as Jam in Jubilee, Aboriginal Arts and Culture Day. 

When the pandemic hit, the Abbotsford Arts Council closed the gallery to keep artist, staff and visitors safe. At that time, they were not focusing on online strategies or virtual events. But thanks to innovative solutions they were able to still bring art to the public while paying the local artists for their online contributions. 

Creative initiatives that the Abbotsford Arts Council implemented

  • Online Exhibitions e.g. The Anonymous Art Show
  • Live streams concerts
  • Virtual Arts Awards & Art challenges
  • Online workshops


For more information visit the Abbotsford Arts Council’s website and follow them on Social Media to keep up to date with their newest online events. Help them support local artist!


dans l’Jardin

Pascal Viglino is a percussionist, composer and perfomer living in Bern, Switzerland.

In 2011, he founded the company Klangbox, an artistic organization active in Switzerland and abroad whose objective is to create bridges between music and all forms of expression (sport, dance, cuisine, architecture, theatre, astronomy, folklore, etc.).

As a professional musician, Pascal relies on public and cultural events like concerts, festivals, etc. So when the pandemic started he needed to adapt and find a solution. He wanted to still bring joy to people with music and didn’t want Covid-19 to prevent him from doing that. Therefore, he created the platform ‘dans l’Jardin’ where anyone can book a professional musician to have a private 20min performance at their home for a fair price. Since the launch of the platform in May 2020 more than 200 Swiss musicians were able to play 700 private shows for 5000 spectators and generated CHF 70’000 in sales. 


Visit the website and social media channels from dans l’Jardin to find out more about this successful and innovative project.



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We would like to thank Jennifer Trithardt-Tufts and Pascal Viglino for taking some time for this webinar and share their experiences and expertise. Thank you for your passion, dedication and creativity that you put into the arts!


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