Meet our new business member MTEQ Machining Technology Ltd.

We would like to kick off the new year by introducing our new business member MTEQ Machining Technology Ltd.

MTEQ represents European manufacturers of drying systems for food, medical cannabis as well as pharmaceutical and medical industry products. All systems are GMP ready and built to fulfill all relevant certification requirements.

We had the chance to talk to Stefan Moeri, COO of MTEQ.

Tell us about MTEQ, what do you exactly do?
We are representing European machine manufacturers and technology in North America as an independent representative. Based on our experience and network we can provide sales points on the east coast, the Midwest, and west coast of Canada and the USA. It is our mission to create a direct connection between our customers and the relevant principle in Europe. We are providing sales consulting as well as installation, training and after sales service support for all our products.

Our focus right now is directed toward the medical cannabis, food, pharma, and medical industries.

You moved from Switzerland to Vancouver in summer 2020. Why did you decide to establish a life in Canada?
Suzanne, the CEO of MTEQ is a naturalized citizen of Canada and our 3 children have finished their basic education in Switzerland and were looking at completing high school here in Canada. Thus, we have decided in February of 2020 to prepare the move during the summer vacation. As the pandemic hit with full force, our travel plans faced some hiccups to say the least, but we managed to arrive in Canada with just 7 days delay from the originally scheduled arrival date. We had always contemplated spending time living in Canada after we had lived for almost 20 years in Switzerland and the time was ripe.

How did you build your network in the industry?
Based on our past exposure to international sales in various manufacturing industries, from watch gears to wind-turbine transmissions and having set up sales/service networks in USA and China as an employee for various companies, we figured its time to do that as an independent representative for companies that we have a long-standing relationship with. The German manufacturer of industrial drying systems Harter GmbH had been looking for a local representative for a while and so they have decided to grant us market exclusivity for North America

What opportunities do you see in the Canadian market?
The Canadian market has enormous potential because of the liberal attitude towards cannabis for one and health consciousness of its people. Our products provide solutions to address food security, they are extremely energy efficient and the technology is rock-solid and proven in many applications all over the world. Here we are looking for farmers that want to offer cured product in the raw and organic market segments. We provide solutions for product curing to the cannabis industry be it medical or recreational. The design of the machines is GMP certified and that gives us an edge compared to the competition. Since many of our Canadian customers are supplying product to the European market GMP certification is a must and looking into the production of recreational cannabis for the US market, a globally recognized certification is a fantastic asset to have.

What are the biggest challenges for your business?
Aside from the travel restraints due to the pandemic, setting up a new business always comes with great challenges. Cheap energy cost is an issue that makes it harder to convince customers to invest in energy saving technology. In the cannabis market the consolidation is in full swing, so many decision makers are holding off investment because of the uncertainty of takeovers or mergers. This however should settle down with this year. Last but not least, Canada and the USA are both very large countries with industries dispersed all over the place, so reaching every corner is a logistical challenge.

What is always in your suitcase when you come back from Switzerland?
I personally tend to travel light but coming back from Switzerland there might be some cheese, chocolate and the swiss gold “AROMAT” of course somewhere in the suitcase. One thing that is absolutely clear: especially Vancouver has soo much to offer, be it food wise or geographically, its really hard to miss Switzerland.


Thank you, Stefan, for taking the time to give us some interesting insights!

If you want to learn more about MTEQ Machining Technology Ltd.
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Photo credits all to MTEQ Machining Technology Ltd.

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