Reduce your data carbon footprint with our new member Swiss Vault

Did you know that the global data sphere is growing exponentially and data storage is consuming more and more of the global energy production? Our new business member Swiss Vault addresses this problem with data management systems that are intended to reduce the data-carbon footprint.

Swiss Vault is a Swiss technology startup based in Basel, Switzerland with Canadian roots in Victoria, BC. In 2018, Swiss Vault won the Startup Days in Switzerland where they gained visibility and credibility. Ever since the company has been developing environmentally sustainable solutions that also reduce electronic waste, offering combined hardware and software products with low power consumption, low weight and noise production, long-lasting product life cycle, and hardware embedded security.

SCCC-Admin, Melanie Ferreira, had the chance to talk to Dr. Bhupinder Bhullar, Swiss Vault’s CEO and Bejal Joshi, Communications Officer.

Many people are not aware that data storage is affecting the global energy consumption. Tell us more about the data-carbon footprint and how Swiss Vault helps reduce it.
Data is one of society’s most valued assets and the global data sphere is growing exponentially. In fact, due to technologies to advance self-driving cars, digital health, banking to name a few, we expect a 500% increase in global data in the next 5 years. Data centers alone now consume 3% of the global energy production, and at the projected rate of growth, this will rise to 10% by 2025.

Energy consumption has a high infrastructure cost and, if the source of electricity production relies on coal, oil, or gas, the Carbon footprint is very high. Data centers use Megawatts of electricity to support the data operations on 100’s of servers. The weight, volume, and noise require thick concrete construction to house these very heavy racks. Cement, which is a critical component of concrete, produces 8% of the global Carbon footprint. The sprawl of data centers globally will require more construction to manage the growth of data.

Swiss Vault’s data storage and management solutions represent a new paradigm, through revolutionary hardware designs and reimagined software integration. The solutions will move away from the bulky storage racks to new forms that will incorporate features such as low energy consumption per amount of data storage and computation; low heat output (requires less cooling); low weight, small volume, low noise (makes it easy to set up and deploy); long-lasting systems that last 10+ years in operation (decreases costs and electronic waste).

Taken together, these features will reduce the CO2 footprint for data; diminish the environmental impact of electronic waste by reducing the number of components, making the system last longer while managing the product from Cradle to Grave with the 4 R’s – reduce, recycle, repair, and repurpose


Bhupinder, tell us about Swiss Vault’s journey: how did it all start and how did your startup change after winning the Startup Days in 2018 in Switzerland?
The journey of Swiss Vault started when I was developing technologies to sequence human Cancer DNA to determine drug resistance. During this time, I was able to foresee the big data challenges ahead. DNA data presents several major challenges: 1) it is large data files (raw data is about 1000 DVD movies worth) which means it requires a lot of space and energy to store; 2) the data has to be kept for very long periods – 100+ years;  and 3) it is one’s most private data – shared with the extended family tree, and most importantly, future descendants – thus, organizations that manage this data need to keep it very secure.

This fueled my curiosity, and together with Doug, we wanted to manage data in a secure, and energy and space-efficient way.  In 2016 we began our journey to showcase how Swiss Vault’s data storage and management solutions could change the data storage landscape.

Winning Startup Days 2018 provided us with a platform for greater visibility and an opportunity to share our vision and build trust with a wider community. We received further recognition from the European Innovation Council EIC Accelerator, where we were granted €1.7mil (CAD 2.7M) accelerator funding; London Business School Real Innovation Awards; Digital Switzerland/ Innosuisse Sustainable Impact awards, to name a few. Each emboldened our mission and validated our efforts.

This continued to motivate us to persevere and now we have been able to reach the market with the sales of our new Mini product, the Space Odysee, which has received recognition for contributing toward UN Sustainable Development Goals, with Swiss Vault’s Space Odysee awarded the Solar Impulse Foundation’s Efficient Solution Label. We are honored to have received these accolades.

Space Odysee by Swiss Vault


What are the biggest opportunities in Switzerland and Canada for a company like yours?
When it comes to data, people from every walk of life want to trust in the security and management of their data.

Both Switzerland and Canada are very stable countries and have a great reputation for trust,  fairness, and quality. We want our brand to be known for these qualities. We want to work hard to make our data storage systems be the standard in Switzerland and Canada.  If we can develop and hone our products alongside the customers in these 2 countries, and earn their trust,  this will permeate the rest of the global market.


What are the biggest challenges for Swiss Vault in Canada?
Our large data storage platform is very different in shape and size from industry norms, and our data management strategy is a new, easier, and better way of managing data for the long-term. But we have to show the customers this new way, and win them over by finding traction with early adopters.

In Victoria and Vancouver, B.C., and across Switzerland, we are looking for early partners who manage PetaBytes of data, to work alongside them for user testing and installation. These partners will have many benefits including reduced costs for the installation of systems.

The specific challenge for Canada overall,  is that it is physically large, and supporting a team across the country to provide sales and support will be an interesting challenge.


What are your plans for the near future?
It is important to us to “push the envelope” in terms of data privacy and lowering data’s environmental footprint. We want to be challenged by customers, and open to working with them, on continuously improving on these fronts. We will know we are improving when we make it very easy for customers to set up and use our systems, ensuring these customers experience more data security, lower energy consumption, more efficient use of space, and a lower environmental footprint of their data.

Our immediate plans are to work with our user base, support them in their growth, and learn together. Although we are starting out in Switzerland and Canada, we will gradually expand to customers in Europe and the rest of North America.

We have many ideas for new applications of our innovative products based on our designs. These include reaching the Telecom Edge market, data in space, and possibly even personal home servers in the near future. We are hoping to learn more about additional data management challenges, even for unusual applications, and looking forward to helping to solve those challenges.


Why should our business members start working with Swiss Vault products?
Data is the new gold.  All organizations should have a data management strategy, especially for long-term competitiveness. We invite any organization that wants to learn how to more efficiently manage their data assets to come to speak with us.  In addition, taking steps to reduce the carbon footprint of any business should include reducing the data footprint. We have solutions that can help.

For those organizations that work in the data space, Swiss Vault brings a new and fresh paradigm for data management. We would be delighted to work with innovators, such as re-sellers and application developers in industries like education, banking, health and medical research, astronomy, particle physics, video & audio\media,  etc.,  to find potential synergies and to help these businesses better manage their data. 


Thank you, Dr. Bhupinder Bhullar and Bejal Joshi, for taking the time to give us some interesting insights!


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Photo credit Space Odysee to Swiss Vault

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