Meet the SCCC Introduction Event

Sometimes it is not quite clear what a Chamber of Commerce does and how it can help its members. The easiest way to get to know us – the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) was usually by attending one of our events. Since this option is still far away we came up with a new Event Series called ‘Meet the SCCC’ and just successfully hosted our first event. 

We miss seeing our members, meeting new Swiss-Canadians and host events. However, in the last year the SCCC tried to embrace the pandemic by finding new innovative approaches to stay in touch and strengthen the online collaboration with partners. To ensure that  Swiss, Canadians, Swiss related and everyone else interested in Business and Personal networks within Western Canada still get the chance to know the SCCC, we just launched a new Event series called ‘Meet the SCCC”. Attendees learn about the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce, get the chance to meet the President and Directors and can ask questions.

On Wednesday, February 24, 2021 we successfully hosted a first Introduction Event of our ‘Meet the SCCC’ event series.  The event was a great success and we made sure that the 23 attendees got a great overview of the SCCC and how we can help individuals, start-ups, and companies to further strengthen their network and business in Western Canada.



Alberta Chapter

Most of our members are located in British Columbia. Since we represent the Swiss Canadian Chamber in Western Canada we dedicated the first introduction event to our Swiss friends in Alberta. Having two Directors on the Board located in Edmonton helped us reaching other Swiss Organizations like the Edmonton Swiss Society and the Swiss Cultural Society of Calgary. We were very happy to see that most of our attendees were based in Alberta, but also appreciated that the event marketing had also reached some BC residents.

We would like to thank everyone for attending our event! Special thanks go out to Brigit Eichenberger, Fabian Lemann, Nick Siegenthaler, Oliver Jarzyna & Melanie Ferreira for hosting the event.  


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