A few minutes a day keeps the Chaos away

Research shows that people have more and more stuff, but don’t have the space or right organization approach to store it. This results in clutter, stress and unproductivity. In fact, according to the ‘Professional Organizers in Canada’ 83% of Canadians admit being extremely disorganized and 91% think that clutter is negatively impacting their lives (Vancouver Sun, 2019).

The SCCC is very pleased to introduce you to our new business member From Chaos to Peace Consulting that can help you get organized.

‘From Chaos to Peace Consulting’ was founded by Swiss Conny Graf who helps you to successfully tackle your clutter at home and in the office. Conny is a Swiss certified Specialist in finance and accounting and started her own business in 1998 after 10 years working in the corporate world. 20+ years later Conny has helped countless clients to organize their homes and offices, tamed digital and paper file monsters, and helped businesses to analyze their finances. She wrote an eBook, hosts a successful Podcast and offers helpful free resources on her website and blog: www.connygraf.com.

We had the privilege to talk to Conny and learn more about her and her declutter services.


After being in the finance world for 10 years what inspired you to start your own business and focus on decluttering?
I actually started my own business in 1998 as a finance consultant, helping a wide variety of clients from small one-person-businesses, to international multimillion-dollar corporations. First I only helped my clients with finances but soon realized they need help with decluttering and organizing their offices, straighten their filing systems and streamline their processes. When I came to Canada I started focusing more on the decluttering and organizing part.

How do you help your clients get organized?
It is important for me to help them find their own organizational style, that’s the only way they will be able to stick to it and thrive with it. There is no perfect system, or better the perfect system is the one that works for them. We start clearing a space and setting up support systems and processes that help maintaining it clear and decluttered. My motto is ‘a few minutes a day keeps the chaos away’.

Why did you decide to move from Switzerland to British Columbia?
My Dad’s brother and wife moved here in 1969 and after passing my accounting degree I came to visit for the first time, that was 1996. Strangely I somehow felt at home right away, so I came back several times in the years to come and in 2003 I traveled in Canada for 6 months (from East to West). Shortly before going back to Switzerland, I met my now ex-husband and I always joke and say, then things got complicated. I ‘commuted’ back and forth for several years, serving my clients in Switzerland for 2-3 months, then being back here in Canada for a few months living an adventurous life. When I finally received my landed immigrant status I started another business here while keep serving my clients in Switzerland.

How did you build up your network in the industry in BC?
I have a small network here in Canada that I built through going to a variety of networking events in person all over the Lower Mainland when this was still possible. As mentioned before it was important to me to keep my network in Switzerland alive and so I am still very much connected with Switzerland in private and business. But even before Covid I was working with international clients over Zoom and other internet platforms.

What are the biggest challenges for your business?
Helping potential clients see and understand what value I can really offer to them and their business, how much our environment affects all of us and our performance, our efficiency and our ability to show up as our best self.

What is always in your suitcase when you come back from Switzerland?
Aromat, Zweifel Chips, Branchli, Risoletto, Schoggi-Schümli, Bärentatzen & Alpenkräuter Tea from Migros and in Winter Tirggel.


Thank you Conny for taking the time to talk to us!

Tackle your clutter today and connect with Conny Graf

Check out her website http://connygraf.com
Listen to her Podcast “From Chaos to Peace with Conny”:
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All photo credits to Conny Graf | connygraf.com


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