During your next hotel visit you might be using products from our new member

Meet our newest business member ‘ADA Cosmetics International Canada’ which provides hotel guests around the world with innovative and sustainable hotel cosmetics.

ADA Cosmetics International Canada has a wide range of licensed and own developed brands as well as high-quality Smart Care dispenser systems. The Germany based company has over 50 sales representatives worldwide and 13 distribution subsidiaries. You will find one of those sales representatives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia – Paul Weber. Paul is a former hotelier who has worked for Four Seasons Hotels, Delta Hotels, and Marriott International in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. He is the co-founder of Swisssol Inc. Creative Body Care which he sold to ADA Cosmetics International.

This is not the first time Paul is joining the SCCC. Back in 2000, he was the SCCC Secretary for three years. We are very excited to welcome Paul back to the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce!

We had the chance to talk to Paul and learn more about his journey and ADA Cosmetics.

Photo credit: ADA Cosmetics International – Facebook

ADA considers itself a thought leader in the hotel cosmetics industry. What makes ADA different from others?
For over 40 years ADA Cosmetics International has been setting standards by manufacturing and selling high-quality body care products for hotels and their discerning guests. Our aim is to make hotel cosmetics an experience for hotel guests with collections for innovative, sophisticated, hearty, and mindful hotels. We still manufacture in Germany and in the Czech Republic to these days.

The hospitality industry has been extremely impacted by the pandemic. How has your business changed?
COVID-19 had a huge impact with sales collapsing from coast to coast. Only now there are some signs of recovery thanks to the success of selling our Smart Care dispenser system.

Paul, after your graduation from the prestigious Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland you moved to Toronto in the late 80s. Why did you decide to establish a life in Canada?
After having worked in some leading hotels in London and Madrid, my former boss moved to Toronto with Four Seasons Hotels. He offered me a job at the Toronto Four Seasons Hotel which I gladly accepted.

You are no stranger to the SCCC. From 2000 to 2003 you were the Secretary of the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Tell us about that time and your experience with the SCCC.
At the time, the SCCC vision was to attract the “Shakers and Movers” of Vancouver. We organized a spring and fall luncheon series with guest speakers at the iconic Hotel Vancouver. I managed to convince Victorinox Switzerland to donate an engraved Swiss Army knife for the guest speaker as a small token of appreciation. We were lucky to have an annual summer party fundraiser at the Swiss Consulate residence in West Vancouver. Overall it has been a fantastic and  great learning experience

You recently moved from Ontario to Kelowna in British Columbia. What were the reasons for your move and how are you enjoying your new home?
After having developed the business in Eastern Canada and the Maritimes, I thought it would be a good idea to focus more on BC and Alberta. In addition, I am a big wine aficionado which made the Okanagan Valley the perfect location to move to.

Photo credit: ADA Cosmetics International

A burning question: what are your thoughts on guests taking hotel cosmetics with them?
I love it. The more guests take home for their mothers in law, the more we sell.

What is always in your suitcase when you come back from Switzerland?
There is more than just one item. Definitely  Luxemburgerli by Sprungli, Streu-mi spices, Appenzeller Biber, ISA Swiss bodywear, Saffron de Mund, Valais, Kirsch for Fondue.


Thank you Paul for taking the time to talk to us about your journey and ADA!


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