Top 3 Reasons to Move into a PARC Retirement Community During a Pandemic

In a time when seniors have been hit hard by COVID-19,  independent retirement communities like PARC are a safe havenoffering social connection, safety and support. Here are three reasons why the smartest time to move into a PARC Retirement Living residence is now: 

1. It’s the safest choice

PARC Retirement Living communities’ residents have continuously been protected by multiple levels of health-and-safety defense, including an  onsite wellness nurse, amplified cleaning schedule and  24-hour staff support. As the pandemic amplified, it wasn’t a stretch to step up sanitation protocols quickly, while bringing in a  host of other measures to protect residents from COVID-19.

PARC’s team has also become creative keeping residents socially connected during the pandemic. For example: PARC Family Meetup Centres, pod-like portables with plexiglass dividers inside, where residents can visit safely with family and friends. PARC recently began offering PARC Safe Al Fresco Dining, outdoor meals with physical distancing in place, and their PARC Family Eatery. And PARC Retirement Living is leading the industry with safe tour protocols, allowing prospective residents and family members to view suites safely. 

Dining room in PARC Retirement Lving

2. PARC communities have the best locations in their neighbourhoods

You’ll find our communities in central neighbourhoods that lend themselves to freedom, comfort and convenience. More than just places to live, these are communities of independent, like-minded seniors who engage, socialize, and thrive on their own terms. Most seniors understandably don’t want to continually run errands or visit busy public spaces while COVID-19 is still out there (especially as the winter flu season approaches, multiplying the risk exponentially). PARC residences offer relief from the demanding routine of housework, maintenance and daily cooking. The PARC lifestyle packages in everything needed for a vibrant, healthy and enriched existence: dining and nutritionarts and culture programmingphysical and mental fitnesshealth and wellness supporttransportation and more. 


PARC community safe social distancing

3. PARC Residents are not locked down

Thanks to all of the safety precautions mentioned above, PARC residences have never needed a lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic and are free to come and go as they please. As a privately owned company, PARC isn’t subject to the enhanced regulations governing provincially supported care homes and facilities. Rather, its communities follow the rules and guidelines set out by B.C. public health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, just like everyone else.

To date, PARC residences haven’t restricted residents’ movements, other than keeping a sign-out log for contact tracing, in case it’s ever needed. New residents are able to move in safely, with a few extra safety precautions and a self-isolation period in effect. PARC also provides all residents with customized Safer Choice Options to help limit risky exposure to situations where residents or PARC feel extra precautions should be taken. 

PARC food selection


Visit our community web pages to learn more about the offerings and lifestyle at each residence: 

Mulberry PARC – Burnaby
Cedar Springs PARC – North Vancouver
Summerhill PARC – North Vancouver
Westerleigh PARC – West Vancouver
Oceana PARC – White Rock

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