Get local greens all year long with Swiss Leaf Farms in Alberta, Canada

Can you get fresh and locally grown leafy greens all year long? Yes – thanks to our new business member Swiss Leaf Farms in Alberta. 

Swiss Leaf Farms is an indoor vertical farm in Busby, Alberta and family operated by David and Alyssa Pfaeffli. Since 2019, David and Alyssa have been growing lettuce, microgreens, and herbs in a warehouse with a system from CubicFarm Systems in Pitt Meadows (BC) that allows them to grow year-round using less water, electricity, labour and without pesticides. Greens are shipped still with the roots intact to ensure freshness. 

Swiss Leaf Farms is committed to growing the freshest, cleanest produce to provide a localized food supply solution that benefits people, the planet, and the economy. 

We had the opportunity to talk to David and Alyssa Pfaeffli to get more interesting insights.

What makes your greens fresher and healthier than others? 
Our produce is grown indoors in a closed system with clean water which eliminates the risk of contamination from runoff or other external factors. It is also grown without the use of pesticides and is harvested and packaged with the root intact, so it is still living and stays fresh. We sell our produce locally so consumers can be assured it has not travelled long distances and has been freshly harvested. 

How did you come up with the idea of an indoor vertical farm? 
A few years ago we began hearing about vertical farming in the media and became interested in the benefits it would have for growing in Alberta’s climate. After some research on the subject it became clear that CubicFarm Systems had the best technology for making such a farm efficient and profitable. After visiting their facility and meeting with their team we quickly decided to purchase a Cubic Farm. 

You deliver to grocery stores like Sobeys and Safeway across Western Canada, as well as local stores in Alberta. What are the next steps to grow your business? 
In the short term we are branching out to supply grocery and food service distributors across Western Canada. We are also increasing our production capacity by 20%. Our long term goal is to continue expanding our market and production capabilities. 

Shipping greens with the root still intact.

What are the biggest challenges for your business? 
Breaking into the market on a large scale is challenging because the industry has become accustomed to buying produce from Southern climates. We are beginning to see the results of a demand for a local supply chain and an awareness of the need for cleaner, healthier, fresher food. 

Tell us about your Swiss heritage. 
David’s parents are both from the Canton of Bern. His dad is from Zwesisimmen and his mom is from Lyss in Seeland. They came to Canada in 1975, started their family and operated a Dairy Farm not far from where we built Swiss Leaf Farms Ltd. 

Do you have any favourite Swiss goodies? 
David’s favourite by far is Ragusa and Alyssa’s is Sugus! 


Thank you, David & Alyssa, for taking the time to give us some interesting insights!

If you want to learn more about Swiss Leaf Farms visit

Read their article on CBC and watch the video for even more information.


All photo credits: Swiss Leaf Farms LTD.


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