Get an in-house HR department without hiring or budgeting for one

Small businesses often don’t have the time and knowledge to build up an in-house human resources department. Our new member Peninsula Canada is here to help. The award-winning HR and health & safety company supports small businesses in all HR topics and has helped over 75’000 businesses around the world.

Peninsula has been working with small businesses to provide professional, reliable, and valuable employer advice for over 30 years. They support existing in-house HR teams or can be the HR team for a business. Their expertise includes and is not limited to employee relations, staff management, labour laws, contracts, handbooks and day-to-day HR management and administration. Clients benefit from a 24/7 employer advice line and one-on-one support to help identify potential gaps in their workplace documentation and processes.

Currently, Peninsula is working together with over 300 businesses in British Columbia. The Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce partnered up with Peninsula: SCCC members will benefit from an exclusive 10% discount on Peninsula’s Premium service.

Peninsula Canada - Edmonton, AB - Alignable

We had the chance to talk to Pierre Bourbonnais, Employment Relation Consultant at Peninsula Canada, to learn more.


Why is it important to invest in HR?
Building a team and a business takes vision, passion, money, and time! Even small businesses need HR support, Canada’s small business owners work hard. They’re spending over 50 hours a week working.  One in five put in over 60 hours!

Managing employee problems is hard work as well – whether it’s disputes between employees or knowing the staff’s rights under the Employment Standards Act. Finding the best solutions often requires urgency and getting them wrong can certainly disrupt a business. Both in the time it takes, and the legal implications involved. Employers also have questions about labour laws, staff management, and HR best practices. 

What services does Peninsula offer?
We have a team of expert HR consultants available 24/7 to answer all our clients queries. Wether they need help preparing for a Ministry inspection, or how to issue employees with airtight employment documentation. We provide total HR support including:

  • Employment Standards, Ministry of Labour, Human Rights, Minimum Wage, Employment contracts & offer letters, Leaves of absence (sick leave, maternity & parental leave, etc.) and Employee management.
  • We help businesses succeed with tailored HR services such as HR consulting, Online HRM software, Peninsula Protect and On-site HR audits.

We also have a suite of crucial health and safety documents and policies that are designed to help businesses be compliant. This is especially important as employers have the greatest responsibility to keep the workplace safe. More specifically, we will guide the business to:

  • Prioritize safety in the workplace, be aware of existing and potential workplace hazards. Understand the legislative requirements, stay up-to-date with changing health and safety regulations
  • Peninsula clients also receive premises visits from our qualified Health and Safety consultants to carry out health and safety duties.

Benefit from Peninsula’s Services

10% discount for SCCC Members

Why is it for small businesses more efficient to work with Peninsula instead of hiring an HR Manager?
For one, the cost. Hiring an HR specialist in-house can range between 60k to 100k per year. Our low-cost membership plan makes our services affordable for businesses of any size. SCCC members can enjoy Peninsula’s unrivalled support at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal HR team or employment lawyer. Typically the monthly cost for our services equal to an hour or two of what it costs to speak with a lawyer.

With us, employers can spend their time growing their business instead of looking for the right answers. We provide the solutions they need for all their employment management needs with our 24/7 employer advice line. Whether it’s an emergency or a question on staff policy, we’ll always pick up the phone. From employee relations to staff’s rights under the ESA, our expert advisors will help with any problems faced.

How has the HR landscape changed with Covid-19?
I believe that the COVID-19 pandemic phase brought to light just how relevant HR is for any business. The  situation demands a new perspective: employment documentation, workforce plan, absenteeism management, claim management, crisis management, pivoting, downsizing or expansion for survival or growth and of course OHS become critical for any size business especially with a remote workforce. 

Why should our SCCC members start working Peninsula? 
When it comes to HR and health & safety business owners and senior leaders are expected to know best practices. But they’re busy running their operations. They don’t have time to be the HR and health & safety specialist that legislators and judges expect them to be. And they face so many other challenges when it comes to compliance and employee management. Peninsula can help by acting as SCCC member’s HR and health & safety advisors.

With our Peninsula Protect discretionary benefit protection service, SCCC members can feel safe knowing that they’re protected from employee claims. SCCC members also benefit from a 10% discount on our services.

There’s a reason over 75,000 small businesses across the world trust us to handle their workplace issues.  

Thank you, Pierre, for taking the time to give us some interesting insights!


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