Get your next commercial, corporate video or drone media produced by our member Josias Tschanz.

Video is the Swiss army knife of sales, marketing, service and recruitment. It can be used over and over in different iterations, but then it can be turned into photos, audio and then text assets. It’s very dynamic, just like Swiss-Canadian producer & film director Josias Tschanz and his team at Rareborne who will make you stand out with your next Visual Media Campaign.

The importance of video marketing has increased over the past few years and has become a crucial part of a successful content marketing strategy. Videos put companies and products in a brand new light and create an experience for the viewer. Businesses get the chance to connect with potential customers on an emotional level while creating credibility at the same time. To create compelling and engaging video messages that stand out from the crowd, the right experts and video production are essential. 

For ten years, Rareborne Media has been creating high-end media for different clients and has produced over 726 hours of video, music, audio content and over 21.000 images. The team consists of experienced story developers, producers, filmmakers, directors, photographers, cinematographers and drone specialists. 

We had the chance to talk to one of the founders, Swiss Canadian Josias Tschanz, who some of our readers might recognize from our Visual Effects Event in October 2019. 


Josias, what can clients expect when working together with Rareborne Media?
To us, every project is a passion project. Whether you need some fresh ground or drone photography & videography to tell your story more brilliantly, we got the team to bring it to life. Our strengths include telling product or service-driven stories in innovative, intimate and catching ways while connecting deeply with the brand and building an audience for a lifetime.  

Our team consists of Producers, Directors, Writers, Production managers, Cinematographers, Pilots and Photographers. Everyone brings a lot of experience, creativity, and professionalism to the team, allowing us to deliver high-end calibre productions. Our village is global, as we have vital fixers, teams and preferred rates at rental houses ready to hit the ground running for projects on every continent.

Can you share some previous projects with us?
We have worked with high end clients and brands, but we also tailor packages to smaller businesses and individuals.

You can view our video gallery here:

Every project is a passion project.

– Josias Tschanz

On what projects are you working right now?
Lately, we’ve been working with the top real estate developers in the country and on a film with BCCSA  about mental health awareness in the construction industry. We have also been involved with lifestyle photography and high-end drone photography across Canada. 

We also co-produce pro-social media and films with our sister company Counting Ants Productions. One of which is about the raging wildfires in 2018 in my Canadian home community. My parents were stuck there for several months, but it was inspiring to see the community come together when they felt abandoned by the world. 

Josias, you also produced a movie about the Swiss Mountain Guides in the Rocky Mountains for the Consulate General of Switzerland in Vancouver. Tell us more about this project.
This project has been a significant discovery for me. I had no idea of the impact that Swiss mountaineers had on the mountain culture in Canada, especially the Rockies. So many mountains are named after their legacy. Check out the Swiss village and museum in Golden, which offers more about this history.  It was an honour to have the film screened in Banff and around the world; it can still be watched there at the museum. 
Watch the trailer

You are not just a filmmaker, but also the lead singer of the Electro-Pop-Rock band OurGlassZoo, and even won best Rock Music Video in 2020 – congrats! How does your music career help you at Rareborne?
A musical background is definitely advantageous for creating music videos and using music impactfully in commercials and films. My two business partners Erin and Jason, are both songwriters/musicians, so we connect well in that way.  

Our band just secured a grant, we have begun recording our new album at Monarch Studios. You can check out our website or follow the band on social media for updates.

Last but not least, what is always in your suitcase when you come back from Switzerland?
Rivella! I can’t get enough of that drink. Of course, I am addicted to cheese and chocolate like most Swiss, but Rivella always makes me feel special.  


Thank you, Josias, for taking the time to give us some interesting insights!

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