Swiss inspired food, with a Vancouver flair – Meet our new business member Röosh

Hungry for a culinary adventure? Then the newly opened restaurant Röosh is just the right address. Röosh is a Swiss-inspired restaurant in the heart of Gastown, Vancouver. It recently opened its doors and would love to become a regular haunt for the Swiss community in Vancouver. 

The concept behind Röosh is to serve Swiss-inspired comfort food such as fondue and rösti topped with chorizo, lobster tails, and fungi florentine, as well as a rotating list of meats and vegetarian options. For drinks, the restaurant showcases British Columbia-made spirits, beers, and wines. There is a selection of classic cocktails with local based spirits as well as some of their own creations. Some members of the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce who have tried the food had nothing but high praise for the newly opened restaurant. 

We had the privilege to talk to Anant Singh, the co-owner of Röosh to learn more about the restaurant, their food and their story.  

Anant, where did you get the idea to open a Swissinspired restaurant? 

Röosh is inspired primarily by our travels to Switzerland. We have spent considerable time traveling through the country and fell in love with the simplicity yet deliciousness of Swiss food.  When we got the opportunity to open a restaurant and bar, the direction that we wanted to take was to serve comforting food which we thought could work well in a city like Vancouver. We kept going back to the cheesy goodness of the fondue and crisp heartiness of the rösti. However, we did want to give it a local take so we use a lot of Vancouver-inspired ingredients as well. 

Which dish should SCCC members definitely try when they visit Röösh? 

All the röstis are made with a lot of passion and care by us, so you can’t go wrong with your choice. The fondue is also a must. We would love for the SCCC members to come by the restaurant to try it and tell us how their family makes it differently. Last but not least, be sure to try some of our craft cocktails while you are there.  

What is your connection to Switzerland?  

As a child, I remember my parents always talking about visiting Switzerland and that it was one of the most amazing places in the world. Thus, when I grew up, I spent a lot of time traveling around Switzerland sometimes with family and sometimes just backpacking around the country. I also dated someone who had family in Switzerland so I did get some insight into the swiss family culture as well. My co-founder Tushar, also spent time in Switzerland some time ago and loved his time there. All of these ties create our unique relationship with Switzerland.     

What is your favorite Swiss dish?  

That’s an easy one. I’ve always loved the rösti in whatever shape or form.


How did you build up your network in the industry in BC? 

As immigrants to BC, we’ve worked hard to connect with many locals and internationals to build our own community. Organizations such as SCCC go a long way in facilitating that connection. For me, attending community events is one of the best ways to meet people and build long-lasting relationships. We have had the luxury of meeting and connecting with many people through our business and the SCCC.   

You opened a new restaurant in the middle of a pandemic, what were the biggest challenges for your business and how did you manage them? 

Opening a new restaurant in the middle of the pandemic has been more than just a little challenging. First, the supply chain to get all the equipment was considerably difficult. Then, we were hit by the restrictions due to the omicron wave in December and January. Now we are very happy witnessing old and new guests coming back to the restaurant. We live to serve our guests and want to create an exceptional dining experience for as many of our friends as possible.  

Thank you Anant, for taking the time to give us these interesting insights!


Did this interview make you hungry?

Then see for yourself and visit Röosh. They are looking forward to welcoming you. 

To make a reservation at Röosh, visit their webiste and for private event booking please email 


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