Multi-Chamber Networking Event

On Saturday, June 04, 2022, the SCCC members had the pleasure of attending the Fraser Valley Bandits basketball game against the Saskatchewan Rattlers at the Langley Events Centre. Organized by the Fraser Valley Bandits, this Multi-Chamber Networking event was a great opportunity for SCCC members and their friends to meet with business leaders from across the Lower Mainland and to participate in a fast-paced CEBL experience with great music, food and lots of action!

Basketball, some networking, good conversations, and a buffet lunch. That’s how the Multi-Chamber Networking event can be summed up in a few keywords. The afternoon began with a delicious buffet lunch, which was followed by a tour of the Langley Events Centre. During this tour, attendees had the opportunity to see the different areas of the Bandits’ new home which was very interesting. Then it was already time to cross fingers and the game against the Saskatchewan Rattlers was kicked off.

The Fraser Valley Bandits didn’t disappoint and it was a nerve-wracking game that remained exciting until the very end. However, the Bandits were able to win their first-ever home opener against the Saskatchewan Rattlers thanks to Murphy Bunatowksi’s three-pointer that put the game on ice and secured the 90-78 victory.

The Multi-Chamber Networking event was a great afternoon with lots of new contacts, good conversations, and exciting basketball action. It was great to see SCCC members reconnecting with each other and getting to know other Lower Mainland chambers in person again.

Many thanks to all the participants who joined the Multi-Chamber Networking Event and to the Fraser Valley Bandits for the invite!

Go Fraser Valley Bandits and here’s to a good season!

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