Save the environment and costs one kitchen cabinet at a time with our business member Cabinet Painting Vancouver

Can you bring your kitchen into 2022 without any demolition, emptying a single cabinet, or waiting 2 months for your new kitchen? YES, this is possible – thanks to our new business member Cabinet Painting Vancouver. From start to finish, Cabinet Painting Vancouver has you (and your fabulous new kitchen) covered. 

Cabinet Painting Vancouver is a small, locally owned company born in North Vancouver which serves Greater Vancouver and the Sea to Sky corridor. Cabinet Painting Vancouver helps you to bring your kitchen into 2022 without the cost, mess, and stress of gutting your space! Their industry-leading refinishing process takes your existing cabinets and re-sprays them with the highest quality low VOC products available. The result is a factory finish with the most stain, scratch, and dent resistance in the industry – a finish that actually looks and performs like brand new custom cabinets! 

We had the opportunity to talk to Cabinet Painting Vancouver to get more interesting insights into their business.   

Tell us a bit more about Cabinet Painting Vancouver, what do you exactly do?  

At Cabinet Painting Vancouver, we guide our clients through the stressful and messy process of a total kitchen or bathroom remodel. Clients come to us because they have heard the horror stories of runaway renovations that went way over time, way over budget, or never got finished at all.  We make the process seamless, fun and efficient with a guaranteed two-week turnaround, fixed price quotes and a factory finish on cabinets that will last for years!  

While upcycling client’s cabinets, we can update the doors, handles, hinges and colors to give them a second life. Whether it`s custom cabinet additions, new quartz countertops, a backsplash, plumbing fixtures, flooring, or a project manager to bring it all together, we handle it all. 

Why should SCCC members keep their kitchen and refinish it with Cabinet Painting Vancouver instead of getting a new kitchen?  

Jon, the company owner explains: “Experiences that I took away from my travels abroad, seeing environmental degradation on a massive scale, have changed the way I see the world. I realized that if we’re to thrive here on earth, we have to rethink how we do a lot of things. But I also had that nagging thought that squashes so much potential “What can I do? I’m just one person.” 

At the time I was working in construction and I owned/operated my residential painting company The Shore Decor. I would watch contractor after contractor tear out high quality and oftentimes extremely expensive sets of cabinets and the kitchens that accompanied them. They would go to the landfill and the homeowner would pay another $30,000+ for the same cabinets, but with a different aesthetic look. So I started with the simple idea of saving cabinets. We realized that with some highly-skilled labour, the right products, and only a garbage bag of waste, we could deliver a factory finish on existing cabinets that would last for years. This saves trees from being cut down, saves cabinets from our landfills, saves homeowners thousands of dollars, and saves weeks of time in their kitchen remodel. And it took off!“ 

To refinish a kitchen instead of pulling out an old kitchen and replacing it with a new one is sustainable and good for the environment. How much landfill could you prevent with your service? 

What different services do you offer? 

We do have 3 different divisions within the company. At Cabinet Painting Vancouver, we specialize in cabinet refinishing and total kitchen and bathroom remodels.  

The second division is “The shore decor” as already named above. We provide residential painting services to discerning clients around the North Shore and Vancouver. 

And our newest division, “Kitchen Canvas” serves clients with kitchens that they just can’t salvage, and creates new custom kitchens from scratch using high quality, formaldehyde free, custom cabinets made locally here in Vancouver. KC operates with the same model of efficiency and fixed costs that Cabinet Painting Vancouver has pioneered. 

What opportunities do you see in the Canadian market? 

The construction industry is one of the most wasteful industries in Canada, and it is one of the prime economic drivers in British Columbia. There is unlimited potential for companies that can reduce waste and cost in the construction process. Most of the industry conducts business as they do “because it’s the way we’ve always done it”. New ways of thinking can disrupt the status quo and create value for business and consumers. 

 What are the biggest challenges for your business?  

Staffing and supply chain issues are the biggest challenges we have faced since the pandemic. We have gone from closing for 2 months and losing some of our best staff at the start of the pandemic, to doubling the size of our company within 8 months, all while attempting to provide stress free and fixed price renovations for clients whose product and material choices are continually going out of stock, increasing in price, or becoming totally unavailable. There is also a massive labour shortage in BC and it was greatly exacerbated by the pandemic. Canada is entirely dependent on immigration for low skilled labour, yet immigration was closed for more than a year, and now that it has re-opened, the immigration system is a total mess. We have a myriad of amazing staff that all hail from outside of Canada, be it Switzerland, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Thailand, or Ukraine. The federal government seems ignorant of our dependance on immigration and has only made the process more expensive, difficult, and frustrating. 


Thank you Cabinet Painting Vancouver, for taking the time to give us some interesting insights!  

Let’s save the environment and costs one kitchen cabinet at a time!

All the wow of a new kitchen…
without the price tag!

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