Welcome to swissFineLine, our new business member. Portrait of Céline Bieri, in the family business for over 11 years.

“Transparency in its most beautiful form.”

Frameless premium sliding windows from swissFineLine enable visionary architectural design. Seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas create a sense of infinite space that is light, airy and atmospheric.
We interviewed Céline Bieri, the Marketing Manager of swissFineLine, our new business member.

Can you please present yourself in a few words. 

I have been working in the family business for over 11 years and have been responsible for marketing ever since. For the past three years, I have also been a member of the management team and can contribute to various topics there, which is very diverse. 

Why did you decide to establish a business in Canada? 

When we were contacted 4 years ago by our current partner for a possible cooperation, we began to confront with the Canadian market and recognized the potential. 

What inspired you/your family to start your own company? 

The history of our family business goes back to 1886, when our forefathers started with a simple blacksmith store. My father and uncle have steadily developed the business and led it to the internationally active company it is today. 

How did you build your network in the industry? 

Thanks to many years of activity in the industry, we have made a name for ourselves primarily in Switzerland. Our task now is to make swissFineLine known in the other markets, including Canada. 

What are the biggest challenges for your business? 

We position ourselves as a premium manufacturer of the frameless sliding window. Besides the many system copies, we are always challenged to stand out with our advantages. Especially in the development of new markets. 

What are you the proudest of? 

The fact that we have managed to be one of the leading companies in the realization of sliding window system. A proper marketing mix has certainly played its part in this. It is nice to see when the work comes to fruition. 

Being so engaged and involved, how do you manage to still keep a healthy work-life-balance? 

Of course, it is a challenge to do justice to all tasks professionally and privately. But so far it’s going pretty well. 

What would be your advice to young entrepreneurs? 
 Surround yourself with a team of talented and passionate individuals who share your vision and complement your strengths. Don’t let yourself be pressured and do what you enjoy as much as possible. 

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