The Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1985 and since then the SCCC went through different changes, organized hundreds of events and help businesses to establish relationships in Western Canada. Read through the history of three decades of SCCC and look through our annual reports:




In 1985, the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce (British Columbia) Inc. was established through the energy and enthusiasm of a small group of forward-thinking business leaders. P. Brunold, A. Hartmann and P. Schaub recognized the need for an organization to bring together Swiss and Canadian business people in British Columbia who could benefit from a networking forum to strengthen business and trade relationships among themselves as well as between their two countries. Thanks to tremendous volunteer support, the SCCC has been able to host hundreds of events to facilitate networking, business development and educational seminars and meetings.



In 1996, the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce, under leadership of then President, T. Amgwerd, hosted the Swiss Pavilion at Globe ’96, one of the world’s largest biennial business and environmental conferences in Vancouver. The Swiss Pavilion attracted more than 3’000 visitors. Our attendance was successfully reactivated in 2008 and preparations for March 2010 are progressing well.



In 2007, Executive Director, Erich Amgwerd joined the Board and through his initiative, was instrumental in restructuring the Chamber and overhauling operations to bring us up-to-date with technology, changing times, membership requests and business requirements. A new Board of Directors was established to include representatives of some of the world’s leading organizations as well as taking generational gaps into consideration. In 2008, we introduced the DIN Series of events, which provide focused networking ability and feature guest speakers on various business related topics. Our new “e-Publication” – The Swiss Business Focus was launched in 2008, and keeps all of our members in touch with our chambers activity and developments – such as our Chamber’s expansion into Alberta in 2008. During 2007 and 2008, our membership more than doubled, web traffic increased over 30x, members were invited to attend more than 25 events, and event attendance was very healthy.

Read the President’s Message 2007:
President’s Message 2007



The SCCC entertains close contact with the Consulate General of Switzerland and other Government offices, as well as Swiss and European organizations in British Columbia and Alberta to enhance the membership’s opportunity to establish new business and personal contacts. Our members benefit from business contact opportunities not only in the aforementioned regions but also in the rest of Canada, with NAFTA members as well as in Europe and Asia. The new free trade agreement between Canada and the EFTA members should further enhance trade among these regions. Our Board consists of 11 volunteer members all of whom are committed to further growing, promoting and developing our Chamber. Initiatives, leadership & support of our Swiss Consul General, W. Deplazes in Vancouver, have been instrumental in achieving our goals

Read the President’s Report 2009:
President’s Report 2009



Vince Sciamanna becomes the new president of the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce. He is taking over in April 2011 from Thomas Amgwerd. Florian Gabriel, John McPherson and Honorary Director Urs Strausak join the board of directors.

More information about the SCCC activities 2011/12:
SCCC Activities 2011/12



Two new directors join the SCCC board. This year comes with a lot of online changes – a new website layout, a new mailing address and a new e-Newsletter format.
Besides that the SCCC is negotiating collaboration agreements with other entities.

More information about the SCCC activities 2012/13:
SCCC Activities 2012/13



In 2013/14 several investments to grow were implemented. The SCCC changed over to the new Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and created new by-laws.

The SCCC website layout was updated to create more visibility for our members. 12 e-Newsletter were sent out in 2013 with a growing reach and recognition from others.

More information about the SCCC activities 2013/14:
SCCC Activities 2013/14



The international reach of the SCCC is increasing and we receive a great general feedback. Editor Jacquline Banz is taking care of the blog and posts several interviews with our members. Besides that the new by-laws are implemented, the new Federal Not-for-Profit Act.

More information about the SCCC activities 2014/15:
SCCC Activities 2014/15



The SCCC brand and website was upated by Admin Marco Urfer. In the past years the SCCC increased their membership numbers. Especially a lot of youg entrepreneurs are joining the Chamber. Membership fees can now be paid easily by credit card thanks to the software Square.

Founder and long-term Director, Peter Schaub, resigns from the board. The SCCC thanks Peter for all his fantastic work!

More information about the SCCC activities 2018/19:
SCCC Activities 2018/19



Due to the pandemic events after March 2020 were held virtually, including the Annual General Meeting. It was a smooth digital transition for the SCCC. Admin, Melanie Ferreira, succesfully launched a Ditigal Marketing strategy and implemented social media. Membership numbers continue to increase.

Fabian Lemann becomes the new president of the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce and takes over from Vince Sciamanna. Fabia Leoni & Oliver Jarzyna join as new Directors.

More information about the SCCC activities 2019/20:
SCCC Activities 2019/20



The COVID pandemic has not left us during the years 2020 and 2021. Many virtual events continued to be organized and the SCCC continued to support its members as much as possible.

Director and SCCC Treasurer Jon Bradley announced that 2020 would be his last year on the Board of Directors. With great pleasure we can announce that Ross Tully will be taking over the role of Treasurer.

More information about the SCCC activities 2020/21:
SCCC Activities 2020/21



The SCCC has managed the COVID pandemic well and the number of members continues to grow. More and more, there is a shift again from virtual events to in person events as we are getting back to normal. 

In 2020, Vince Sciamanna stepped down as President of the SCCC and has continued to actively support the Chamber as a Director. Now Vince has decided to leave the SCCC Board as a Director and to continue to support the Chamber with his expertise as an Advisor. Furthermore, Thomas Arn and Brigitte Fenner joined the Board of Directors for 2022/2023 bringing in new power, knowledge, and ideas.

More information about the SCCC activities 2021/22:
SCCC Activities 2021/22

Previous Board Members

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